Rotational Molding Tooling or Molds

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Fabrication of Rotomolding Tooling

Molds for Rotational Molding are typically manufactured from aluminum, steel, stainless steel or even brass. Rotomolding Tooling is typically produced by either means of fabrication, casting or even machining Some Rotomolding leaders have developed the ability to build hybrid tooling which allows for various complex features and in some scenarios faster turn around times. Rotomolding tools are necessary to produce actual rotationally molded products. You can prototype Rotationally molded products via various alternative means and methods, but to prototype an actual rotomolded product, you will have to be build the necessary tooling. The upside to this is that in comparison to the most common plastic manufacturing processes, Rotational Molding tooling is typically a fraction of injection or blow molding molds. Sometimes to the point that Rotational Molding can be an attractive option to do product testing in a market prior to major mass production.

Rotomolded Tooling, is one of the integral initial capital investments that is required to produce a Rotationally Molded Product. Today's leading Custom Rotational Molding houses are typically forced to have in house tooling centers and repair shops to keep their customers production going, requiring running tools and also to consistently grow new customers with new tooling. Unfortunately for many Rotational Molding Companies, they do not not offer in house rotational mold tooling maintenance, nor do they build tooling in house. Therefore when your tooling cracks, frame work breaks or the parting line gets damaged, not only are you out of production, you could be out of production for months! As they will have to send your tooling out to another shop to fix. Costing you loss of production, loss of sales and ultimately loss of profits! Don't risk your business or your customer relationships to such! The prices for Rotomolding tools are generally competitive amongst most quality molders, yet some still risk their business on poor tooling with numerous issues! Rotomolding tooling is generally no different than most other things in life, you get what you pay for!

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