About rotomolding technology

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About rotomolding technology

Molding process of plastics and its composites have a lot of kinds, including the compression molding, extrusion molding, injection molding, transfer molding, blow molding, casting, lamination, calendering, coating, reaction injection molding and plastic, rotary forming (also called spin), and so on.In all kinds of books about plastics and its composites molding process, an introduction to the process of except rotomolding is more, for the rotomolding technology, so far only in rare meet less than a few pages of the description in the book.

Brief introduction of rotomolding technology:
Join the plastic mould, then lock mould, ensure mold in the process of rotation, the material from leaking out from the mould clamping. 
Heating, rotomolding: packed materials mold side kept turning, and heating.Because the mould is along the two perpendicular axis rotation, the mould of the material under the action of gravity, moving die slide down the opposite direction, to contact with each point of cavity wall, at the same time as introduced from mold wall heat make plastic is plasticizing and adhesive on the inside surface of the mold, forming the plastic parts we need.

So far. 
Demoulding: machine stop running, open mold, take out the plastic parts. 
After mould clean: remove parts, deburring, etc in the cavity and mould clamping residual impurities, coating and mold release agent, rotomolding supplies of a cycle. 
Products after processing: varied from different parts, including incision, with lid, auxiliary parts, etc.

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