The advantages of rotational molding

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Rotational molding advantages:

(1) can be formed complex hollow products, design freedom, almost any design, the rotational molding process for the design of the product provides endless imagination, almost unrestricted;

(2) rotational molding products without residual stress. Rotational molding process, the free flow of powder resin melting, from the shear force, no pressure molding. So the rotomolding products almost no internal stress:

(3) rotomolding mold production than injection mold or blow mold is simple, wide range of materials selection, cheap, short production cycle, suitable for multi-species, small batch of plastic products production;

(4) compared with the blow molding process, rotational molding products, wall thickness uniform, there is no stretch caused by the corner of the perforation may, on the contrary, the corner wall thickness to be large; design without considering the product length and width , The high proportion of products brought about by the thickness of the problem;

(5) rotomolding technology can quickly convert raw materials, quickly change the color of the production of products, unnecessary complex cleaning of the machine is conducive to multi-species of different colors of the small batch production of products;

(6) rotomolding in addition to scrapped products, almost no waste generated outside, is conducive to environmental protection and the maximum use of resources;

(7) can simultaneously shape different shapes, different colors of products, to facilitate the implementation of fine production enterprises;

(8) The multilayer article containing the foamed layer can be formed at one time without the need to refill the foamed material

(9) can be formed with a variety of patterns of high-performance products;

(10) rotomolding products with rich color imitation marble, imitation porcelain and a rich texture of the surface of the plastic products;

(11) the same rotomolding products can have a color effect;

(12) Compared with the blow molding, injection molding products, rotational molding products with good impact resistance.

In addition, rotational molding easy to adjust the processing component wall thickness. Only need to change the quality of the material added to the mold, you can achieve product wall thickness changes, no need to change the mold, products, wall thickness can be processed in a wide range of 0.2 ~ 25mm can choose between modern rotary molding process development The thickness of the processing range of products; rotomolding processing can be added when the pattern and insert (metal or non-metallic).

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