The type of rotational mold

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There are many types of mold classification, and some in accordance with the structure of the mold points, and some objects in accordance with the classification of the mold, or mold in accordance with the use of technology points. In the rotomolding industry, generally in accordance with the mold used to classify the material. For example, iron and steel molds are called iron molds, including carbon steel mold and stainless steel mold; aluminum molds are called aluminum molds, including cast aluminum mold, aluminum mold and aluminum mold, in addition to nickel-copper alloy mold, glass steel mold And so on, including iron mold and aluminum mold is the rotomolding industry in the most used two types of mold.

In addition, you can also mold in accordance with the processing mode to distinguish the type of mold, this type is also more. Such as sheet metal mold, including carbon steel mold, stainless steel mold and aluminum mold; casting mold, usually refers to the cast aluminum mold; Machining mold, that is, using CAD-driven CNC machining center processing of various types of molds, Aluminum mold with 6061-T6 aviation aluminum processing, with the thickness of 4 mm aluminum plate processing out of aluminum mold, and ordinary 62 copper processing out of copper mold; and electroforming mold, including copper mold and Nickel alloy die and so on.

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