The materials mainly used by rotational mold

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Materials that can be used to make rotational mold include carbon steel plates, stainless steel plates, aluminum, nickel, copper, alloys, glass and steel, but the main materials are steel and aluminum. The reason why the choice of these two materials, mainly because they can meet the rotomolding process requirements of the mold toughness, high thermal conductivity, economic applicability of these three points.

The high strength and toughness of the mold material enables the rotational mold to be manufactured with sufficient strength to withstand the weight of the raw material, the gravity impact caused by the up and down rotation at high temperature, and numerous external forces such as mold opening and mold clamping.

Injection molding, extrusion, blow molding and other molds are generally used to shape after high temperature and high pressure has been melting or softening of the plastic raw materials, and rotational mold not only used to heat the raw materials, molding products, but also rapid cooling. This requires the material of the rotational mold  has good thermal conductivity, can be absorbed outside the mold heat as quickly as possible to transfer to the mold of raw materials, all the raw materials in the melt and covered cavity, but also as soon as possible loss Heat, so that the mold and the products of the cooling time as short as possible to improve the efficiency of mold and equipment. Thus, the thermal conductivity of materials required for rotational mold is very important.

Economic applicability, mainly refers to the source of mold material is more convenient, the use of universal, relatively low material prices, easy processing, so that the comprehensive cost of the mold in a more reasonable and acceptable range.

Of course, each of the specific rotational mold  what kind of material used, but also with the mold production of the product size, complexity, surface finish, the number of molds, the number of products and other factors, the need for specific analysis and judgments.

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