Vent holes for rotational mold

2016-12-29 09:36:10 Times
Although rotational molding is carried out without pressure, since rotational products are usually relatively large, the space within the mold is relatively large. When the mold is heated, the mold will also expand the air inside, and the mold after the melting of raw materials will have some of the water and gas can be released, these factors make the pressure within the closed mold gradually increased, such as nowhere Excretion, it may be up broken mold, or even serious mold explosion, which is in the rotomolding industry is something to hear, do not be careless.

At the same time, the mold set vent holes also facilitate the exchange of hot and cold air inside and outside the mold during the rotational molding process, so that the temperature inside and outside the mold faster convergence, thereby improving production efficiency and reduce product shrinkage and warpage, help products Quality improvement.

In general, the larger the rotational product is, the greater the necessity of providing the vent hole. Therefore, those sealed rotational mold should be designed to arrange vent holes. Some of the larger rotational products, the diameter of the mold vent holes should also be increased accordingly. Some large rotational products, a vent hole is not enough, you can also increase the corresponding vent holes.

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