The parting line of rotational mold

2016-12-29 09:57:08 Times
Rotational mold assembly line , also called the mold parting surface, parting line, that is, two flat flange die contact surface. Mold design,assembly line or sub-surface selection is appropriate, the success of mold design and production plays an important role. Therefore, the mold design must pay attention to the following points:

1、parting line position should be helpful to the opening and closing mold.

2、parting line position should in consideration of the product's appearance.

3、parting line set can make the rotational mold structure is simple.

4、sometimes because of the product shape is more complex and some other special reasons, parting line can also be designed to be more complex, if some parts to be higher or lower than the main parting line, the mold is conducive to complex mold positioning and mutual cooperation .

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