The shortcomings of Rotational Molding

2016-12-30 10:55:52 Times

Rotational molding process is a way to produce hollow plastic products, a relatively new method, many new products are suitable for this method to produce. But rotomolding process is still a bit defective.

1、Greater energy consumption. Each rotomolding cycle, mold and mold base are repeated to withstand high and low temperature alternation, so the energy consumption is usually more than other plastic molding process. In order to reduce the energy loss in the process of repeated heating, cooling, a jacketed rotational molding machine was developed, the pump will be cold and hot medium through a special circulation pump system into the mold of the mold, direct heating, cooling mold, this Equipment for reducing the energy consumption of the mold has a significant effect, but the mold repeatedly subjected to cold, hot state of the situation still exists, so the energy loss is still great.Rotational molding process with a large energy consumption in the opposite case, is the use of nylon monomer caprolactam, rotomolding nylon parts, such as the use of caprolactam nylon 6 direct rotomolding, rotomolding and polymerization process at the same time, roll The plastic is carried out at a temperature lower than the melting point of the nylon 6, and the product can be taken out at a relatively high temperature, so that the temperature of the rotomoulding mold does not need to be repeatedly raised and lowered over a large temperature difference. Alleged use of caprolactam nylon 6 plastic parts, compared with nylon 6 blow molding or injection molding nylon 6 parts, energy consumption is much lower.

2、A long molding cycle. Rotational molding process, the material is not subjected to the strong external force, the material does not have intense turbulent state of movement, only rely on it with the mold cavity surface contact with the gradual melting process and attached to the mold cavity Surface, the surface of the cavity for the molten plastic coating is full, the inner surface of the plastic temperature, the heat required for melting, but also through the heat transfer of the plastic layer of plastic, plastic thermal conductivity are generally poor, so rotational molding heating time Quite long, usually takes more than 10min, and sometimes even 20 minutes, so the rotational molding cycle is relatively long.

3、Labor-intensive. Rotomolding process, loading, unmolding and other processes is not easy mechanization, automation, usually manual, so its labor intensity than blow molding, injection molding process to be large.

4、The product accuracy is poor. Rotational molding products, in addition to the impact of plastic varieties, but also by the cooling rate, the type and amount of release agent (stripping the total effect) and other factors, soThe product accuracy is difficult to control, so rotational molding is only applicable to the product which the accuracy is no special requirements,such as containers, toys and other parts.

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