The difference between rotational molding and slush

2017-01-07 09:45:29 Times
    Slush, also known as the coagulation molding, is the use of paste plastic to produce soft hollow products, a processing molding method. The main process is: the pre-prepared PVC plastic plaster has been poured into a certain temperature has been heated to the mold (die or groove), contact with the inner wall of the plastic mold paste after heating due to gel and attached to the And then pouring out the remaining paste plastic which is gelled in the mold, and then baking the paste plastic which has been glued on the mold wall, and gradually cooling, and then releasing the mold, thereby obtaining Products are slush products. Slush the advantages of low-cost equipment, production speed, operation of the production process is simple. Our daily life, a lot of soft small hollow products, such as dolls, artificial limbs, etc. are produced in this way.

    The reason why people will be confused with plastic and rotomolding, rotomolding in the early stages of development of raw materials are also used in PVC plastisols, and the second is the process of plastic and plasticized with polyvinyl chloride paste to roll The process of plastic molding products is somewhat similar. Strictly speaking, slush is not rotational molding, the biggest difference between them is not the difference between raw materials, the second is in the process: slush molding process in the molding process does not need to roll the mold rotation, excess raw materials from Mold pouring: and rotomolding mold closed when the need to roll rotation, and put all the raw materials into a molding for the product.

    Of course, PVC plastisols can also be processed by rotational molding process to produce. The whole process is the same as PVC raw material forming process. At last, all the PVC paste plastic products are formed into products. The soft hollow products obtained after demoulding are also rotomolding products, but the time, temperature, unmolding is equal to some differences in PE raw materials Bale.

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