What kind of plastic products is suitable for rotational molding to produce?

2017-01-12 10:45:47 Times

    A plastic product, whether is suitable for the use of rotational molding to create, or rotational molding whether is the best choice to do this product must be based on the product shape, size, material,cost,quantity and other factors to determine. If there are several plastic molding method can be considered to do this plastic, then we can refer to the aforementioned factors to determine the application of exclusion to select the best molding method:

1, to confirm whether it is the hollow product or not: If not hollow products, it can basically rule out the use of rotational molding to manufacture.

2, see the product size: If you want to do a lot of plastic head size, length and width of the size of at least one more than the current capacity of the blow molding machine, then the basic can be ruled out by blow molding or thermoforming to do, and This means that this product can only be used to produce using rotational molding.

3, look at the shape: If the three-dimensional size of the products are in the above three kinds of molding method within the scope of production capacity, the next depends on the shape of the product. The shape of the complex, then it is suitable to use rotomolding to create.

4, see the material composition: that is, look at what raw materials to manufacture products. If the material of this article is polypropylene, it can not be made by thermoforming. If it is plasticized with liquid polyvinyl chloride paste, it can only be used to produce rotomolding.

5, see the product structure: If the product contains closed parallel arms structure, the rotational molding is the preferred molding method, because the thermoforming to use more complex and more expensive multi-function mold. When the products require uniform wall thickness or solid angle to the case of the outside, rotational molding is the best rotation.

6, look at the mold composition: If the mold is more complex or composed of multi-chip, the machine is difficult to mold release, it can only be used to produce using rotational molding.

7, see the inserts: If the products are inserts, more complex, then it is more suitable for using rotational molding.

8, look at efficiency and cost. If you use the above comparison method, the three methods can be, then only to compare the production efficiency.

    In short, the final selection of a molding method to create a plastic product, not to say that other molding methods cannt be used absolutely, but to compare various factors to make the best choice.

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