What are the characteristics of plastic raw materials affect the product is relatively large

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    There are many factors affecting the quality of rotational molding products, such as technology, mold, raw materials, production control, product structure are possible. Only in terms of raw materials, the following points are sufficient to affect the quality of products:

    1, mobility: rotational molding processing, raw materials, melting purely rely on the gravity flow to the mold wall, so the flow of raw materials have a decisive role on the ability to successfully produce rotational molding products

    The flowability of currently rotomoulded raw materials is typically shown in terms of melt flow rate (MFR). For the usual rotomolding products, PE raw materials in the financial means between 3-8g / 10min is more appropriate. For some complex and sophisticated rotomoulded products , The financial means may also require more than 8-10g / 10min above, and for the larger plane, large-scale rotomolding products, financial means between 2-3g / 10min also Can form a qualified products.

    2, thermal stability: the rotational molding process, the raw material in the heated state of the time may be as long as 30-60 minutes, and this process is often carried out in the oxygen environment, therefore, the thermal oxidation resistance of the Raw material is insufficient, It will cause the strength of products decreased, poor performance, surface

We measure the thermal stability of rotational molding materials with the general instrument, the use of oxidation induction period (0IT), so that shorten the adverse effects of life, so the thermal stability of raw materials have a great impact on the quality of products. ) Indicators to carry out to predict the best mold internal temperature target. Materials with an oxidation induction period of less than 30 minutes are not suitable for the rotational molding production process. For large-scale thick-wall fabrication, the value of the oxidation induction Period is required to be higher.

    3, shrinkage: plastic is a relatively large shrinkage materials, rotational molding products are often bulky products, the impact of shrinkage on the products even more than other processing methods. Shrinkage rate of raw materials is too small, will result in demoulding rotational molding products Difficult; and shrinkage is too large, then, rotational molding products will warp, depression and surface irregularities. Therefore, master the rotational shrinkage of raw materials characteristics and parameters also has an important impact on the control of product quality.

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