How to improve the rotational mold strength

2017-02-21 09:22:57 Times

If the strength of the rotational mold is not enough, it will not only affect the quality of the product, but also lead to shorter mold life. Therefore, in the mold design and manufacturing stage, it is necessary to strengthen and improve the mold strength from the following aspects :

1,using high strength materials to make ratational mold. In general, the strength of steel is stronger than aluminum, so when the other elements are same, the use of steel or aluminum to make mold, from the mold strength point of view should choose iron mold.

2,the wall thickness of the rotational mold can not be too thin. Some rotational mold commissioners in order to pursue the production of high efficiency, low cost, even the larger size of the products, they also requires the mold manufacturers using thin materials to manufacture mold, resulting in insufficient strength of the mold, of course, iron mold wall thickness should not more than 5mm because of the pursuit of strength,too thick, then it will bring a lot of adverse effects. Similarly, sometimes the rotational mold manufacturer in order to reduce costs,the mold wall thickness will be slightly lower than the thickness of the material required by the manufacturer to produce the mold, which will reduce the strength of the mold, especially for aluminum mold, the aluminum material is relatively low , Wall thickness below 5mm, then, will not be able to withstand the gravity and the impact of various external forces in production process . Therefore, the above two cases should be avoided.

3,for some larger plane rotational mold, the mold design should be appropriate to increase the thickness of some 8-10mm, high 30mm or so of the ribs, but also to increase a circle of tendons in the edge of the mold .

4,the combination of mold the more the lower the strength, so should to reduce the number of the molds combined as far as possible , the general two-piece mold is the most commonly used.

5, the flange of the mold may be appropriate thicker when it does not affect the production.

6, when the mold finished, the outer frame of the mold can be designed to be more solid, more dense.

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