The process of making rotational aluminum mold

2017-02-21 09:53:00 Times

    There are sereval ways to make ratational aluminum mold,cast aluminum mold with CNC is the most reasonable and moderately in price and mold quality compare to cast aluminum mold without CNC and aluminum plate mold.The whole process of cast aluminum mold with CNC is like this:first of all,we will make the plastic foam model according to the three-dimensional drawings, this process requires CNC machine; secondly is to produce cast aluminum using plastic foam model, we called sand casting,the process of sand casting is to pour liquid aluminum into a sand cavity to creates the mold;then machining the cast aluminum in CNC machines. Then the mold is polished or textured according to the specifications, this process takes a meticulous eye for detail. The mold cavities  and mold insert are then fit together. A Steel frame is constructed and mounted to the mold. when the framing and fitting of the molds are completed, we will produce samples to test the new mold.

    Cixi Sunshine Mould Factory have valuable experiences in making rotational aluminum mold,we have more than 50 experienced employees , 8 sets of CNC machines in Cixi factory to serve our client from local China and aboard.If you have any needs,please contact us and welcome to visit our factory.

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