The materials of rotational molding

2017-03-02 10:04:37 Times

    In the material selection of the rotational molding process,more than 80% of all the material used is from the polyethylene family. Due to the nature of the rotational molding process, materials selection must take into account the following:

    Due to high temperatures within the mold the plastic must have a high resistance to permanent change in properties caused by heat ,it's high thermal stability.

    The molten plastic will come into contact with the oxygen inside the mold—this can potentially lead to oxidation of the melted plastic and deterioration of the material's properties. Therefore, the chosen plastic must have a sufficient amount of antioxidant molecules to prevent such degradation in its liquid state.

    Because there is no pressure to push the plastic into the mold, the chosen plastic must be able to flow easily through the cavities of the mold. The parts design must also take into account the flow characteristics of the particular plastic chosen.

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