Rotational Molding Disadvantages

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    Rotational molding is a hollow molding method,we can see rotational molding products everywhere in our daily life, from our car to our TV or computer, as well as recreational facilities. The mold slowly rotating in the case of no pressure, high temperature, making the material melting and flow to cover the inner surface of the mold to reach the wall thickness uniformity,when  the temperature gradually cooled, and then unmold from the mold. Although the whole process has many advantages, but also has its limitations.


    Unlike traditional molding where turnaround is fairly quick, rotational molding takes more time. The material must be spun slowly enough to coat and dry evenly, and this takes patience. Due to the reduced output, it takes longer to market fewer materials.


Rotational molding is limited to poly-based resins such as polyethylene, polycarbonate, polyurethane, polyamide and polypropalene, to name a few. Nylon and plastisols may also be used. These plastics must be ground to a very fine powder before they can be used in rotational molding.


    The materials costs are high due to the nature of the plastics that must be used. In addition, the grinding of the plastics into powder is another cost consideration. This takes time and money. There are also additives that must be included, and these pose an additional cost.


    There are a few limitations to rotational molding. Some shapes and features are difficult to incorporate, so anything more involved than a simple shape may slow down production, thus raising production costs. In a world where time is money, this can be considered a disadvantage.

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