Rotational molding production and requirements

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Rotational molding is a branch of the plastics processing industry. Therefore, rotomolding molds are also a type of plastic molds. The basic requirements for design and manufacture of plastic molds are equally applicable to rotomolding molds. At the same time, due to some characteristics of the rotomolding process, rotomolding molds have many characteristics in design and manufacture compared with other plastic processing molds. Whether the design of a pair of rotomolding molds is successful, in addition to whether it meets the design and production requirements of rotomolding molds, it depends on whether it meets the following design requirements for rotomolding molds:

1. The mold structure is reasonable, the mold is easy to open and close, the insert insert is easy to operate, and the production efficiency is high.

2, the material of the mold is selected properly, the mold has high strength, is not easy to damage, and has a long service life.

3, the mold wall thickness is moderate, heat transfer and cooling is rapid, which is beneficial to increase energy efficiency and improve product quality.

4, the mold size is accurate, the lines are smooth, the cavity is smooth, the internal space gap is suitable, there is no dead space where the raw material flow is not smooth, can meet the production requirements of the rotomolding process.

5, the design and production costs are reasonable, the mold cost-effective.

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