Advantages of rotomolded products

2019-11-04 10:48:43 Times
    As a large-sized plastic product, in the history of replacing plastic with plastic, replacing wood with plastic, and replacing plastic with FRP, rotomolding products have many advantages: First, compared with steel products, rotomolded products are light in weight. Easy to transport, easy to transport and carry, dustproof, corrosion resistant, no rust, no paint, no pollution, no electricity, no magnetism, good impact resistance, high temperature and low temperature, sealed waterproof, durable, so it can replace Many products previously made of steel, such as toolboxes, ammunition boxes, etc. Secondly, compared with wood products, rotomolded products are corrosion-resistant, have a long service life, do not require paint, no pollution, no deforestation, and are conducive to environmental protection. Some wood products such as boats, tables and chairs can be replaced by rotomolded products; in addition, compared with FRP products, rotomolded products are produced without a large amount of waste gas, dust and other harmful substances, and the products can be recycled after being scrapped. It avoids the second pollution caused by the failure of the FRP products after they are scrapped and cannot be recycled. Therefore, there have been many products made of FRP, such as children's play, fitness equipment, slides, etc., and now many have switched to rotomolding products. Moreover, the rotomolding product itself is integrated, without any seams, so the strength is high, and it can meet people's needs in a very important field.
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